Znipe’s vision is to create a sustainable and thriving ecosystem for esports.

Znipe Leadership

Esports is in our DNA

Founded and led by ex-pros, supported by professionals from all walks of life, and cultural backgrounds.

Johan Ryman

Co-Founder & CEO


Background in streaming technologies and esports. Previously a pro CSGO player for the team Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Patrik Åkerfeldt



Development of scalable digital products and teams at Spotify.

Karin Angvald



Operational and strategic transformation specialist with companies such as Netflix and Google

Ole Jansson



Experienced in film and production. Previously a professional Hearthstone player and coach, now board member of the Swedish Esports Association


Current issues with the esports market


Znipe solving the issues head on

Industry facing

  • Stable monetisation is difficult to achieve in the current landscape.
  • Advertiser-based revenue streams from online viewers are broken and unsustainable.
  • Limited revenue from content rights, partly because third-party platforms do not pay well
  • Game publishers and tournament organisers don’t own the end-user (Twitch and YouTube do)

Consumer facing

  • Finding specific video content related to teams or players is difficult.
  • Viewing experience is constricted to what’s on the main broadcast.
  • Difficult for new fans to get into watching esports due to a high barrier of entry.
  • Audience engagement is limited to Twitter and spamming Twitch chat.

Industry facing Solutions

  • Adding a new and stable revenue stream that comes directly from the consumer.
  • Upholding the existing pipeling of sales related to content rights.
  • Growing additional revenue streams derived solely from content.
  • Creating a long-term relationship with viewers to gain a better grasp on user behaviour through data.

Consumer facing Solutions

  • Making content accessible and relevant to users through categorisation and search.
  • Allowing users to steer their watch experience with POVs and multi-view functionality.
  • Providing an intuitive experience that helps users understand what’s happening in the game.
  • Merging each user’s gaming experience with watching esports by recommending relevant content.


Identifying new opportunities

While other streaming services like Netflix and HBO boom, esports consumers are lacking behind in their willingness to pay. Znipe strives to create something worth paying for.


The gamer has the lastest hardware, and buys in game items.

Our focus is on building a technical bridge between gaming and esports.

Esports fan

It’s hard to get fans to pay and establish B2C relations.


Forming new habits

The Znipe platform creates transition capabilities for gamers playing their favourite games to watching esports content. New learning opportunities are presented creating engagement loops within esports.

Our people

For fans, from fans

Znipe is an international company, based in Stockholm. We have a shared passion for esports, gaming, and technology.


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