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Riot games partnered with Znipe TV with a shared goal of creating a profitable esports ecosystem together. At the time (2019) League of Legends esports fans were primarily watching on other destinations, rather than on the LoL Esports domain. The strategy to both increase the numbers of viewers, and to bring them to Riot's own domain was to convert players to fans, and fans into paying consumers through an enhanced viewing experience that could only be found on Pro View.
The need for a re-birth

Pro View version 1.0 had been on the market for a year. It offered major tournaments and events with multi POV of the pros and accompanying stats. However, the stats were exactly the same as what was currently being offered for free on LoL Esports. To create a willingness to pay, the overall experience required a fundamental redesign. Together, Riot Games and Znipe designed and developed a new product for fans, internally dubbed Pro View 2.0.

Goals for Pro View 2.0
  • Develop and upkeep an all-encompassing League of Legends esports platform
  • Give Pro View its own domain and expand on the content offering and content discoverability at the time
  • Iterate on the product over time by introducing all-new features and improving on the ones already available at launch
  • In line with current market trends, provide a freemium offering that allows people to decide whether they want to pay for the unrestricted features and content

Releasing Pro View to the fans

Throughout 2020 and 2021, Znipe developed a new platform for Pro View that emphasised content discovery in a way that was not previously available in esports. Additionally, we made improvements to the video player and ensured that the product was available and functioning on all devices, from mobile over tablet to desktop.So on June 4th 2021, it was finally time to release Pro View to the public (again). Over the next 5 months, Riot Games made more content available on the platform, going beyond just the player POVs to include exclusive editorial content. We ended the competitive year on a high note with Worlds 2021 ushering in a huge amount of new users and subscribers to the platform.


Shared reponsibilities
  • Content
  • Audience
  • In-game chat
  • Marketing and sales channel
  • Premium viewing experience
  • Full OTT platform
  • Broadcast team
  • Desktop & mobile clients


Services leveraged from Znipe

Synced Streams

All 10 player's POVs, the map stream, and the event broadcast were synced in the video player.

Real time stats

In game stats were presented in the sidebar and were synced against the streams.

Free and Premium

Riot Games opted for a freemium model with the newly built Pro View.


A big focus was put on discoverability of content based on your favourite pros.


We kept track of all the action during messy team fights.

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