A multi game arena spectacular

Znipe partnered with ESL to deliver a next-generation viewing experience for CS:GO and DOTA fans, allowing viewers to get closer to the action than ever before with multi POVs of all the players across multiple games.
Bringing the arena feeling home

Sitting at home and watching esports simply doesn't carry the same emotions as being in the arena yourself. However, both ESL and Znipe envisioned an online experience that could attempt to bridge the gap and make fans feel closer to the action even though they might be hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Goals for the Digital Pass
  • All POVs for players across different game titles
  • One-time purchase of tournament-based access
  • Chat experience to allow actual discussion of the matches
  • Manually curated highlights to capture the best moments
  • Exclusive editorial content
An online entry ticket for fans

Starting with Katowice 2018, fans of different esports titles were able to purchase access to the Digital Pass. This would allow them to see POVs from all participating players, as well as chat with one another in a smaller environment than spammy Twitch chats. With development, production, and moderation all overseen by Znipe, ESL could continue to focus on delivering the best event possible - both for people in the arena and at home.


Shared reponsibilities
  • Content
  • Audience
  • Website
  • Premium viewing experience
  • End-to-end platform
  • Broadcast team


Services leveraged from Znipe

Synced stream

ESL recognised that especially for FPS games, POVs of the pros are a huge win.


With the event-based schedule of CSGO, one-time purchases were the way to go.


Interaction between fans in a more exclusive environment than Twitch chat.


Gunfights can get messy, so never miss the action.

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